Welcome to Bobby Macdog, Reruns

The filler and extra stories of the original Bobby Macdog comic

September 13th, 2009, 1:26 pm

Hey there

Bobby Macdog, Reruns is a archive of the fillers that has been on the main site The Adventures of Bobby Macdog and has since been taken down for the sake of the convenience of new readership. What do i mean? Well.

Say that you're new to the Bobby Macdog comic, and you are flipping through the issues. Suddenly there comes a long period of Filler and for alot of people that's a huge turn-off making people leave the site. But if i put the filler on another page efter each issue is properly finished so that you can just go directly through the pages of the original comic, maybe people will stick around and see what happens next.

That's what i'm hoping for anyway. So i'm hoping you will enjoy this gag comic version of the comic including the Bobby Macdog characters.

If there's a filler comic you liked from a ended issue that isnt here, e-mail me at hans_162@msn.com describing it and i will see if i still have it.

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